Man Wakes Up at His Own Funeral After Being Pronounced Dead by Doctors

An Indian man who had been declared dead woke up just before he was set to be buried during a funeral ceremony, according to local reports.

Mohammad Furqan, 20, was declared dead by Indian medical professionals, but he awoke at the funeral in the Northern Indian city of Lucknow. He was immediately taken to the hospital and put on a ventilator, according to the Independent.

Furqan had been unconscious since June 21 when he got into an accident. Doctors declared him dead on Monday after the man’s family told the hospital that they no longer had the money to pay for his care.

The family said that the situation left them traumatized because they not only had to come to terms with Furqan’s death but then to see him move during the funeral. The city’s chief medical officer said that an investigation is underway into the country’s medical practices.

“We have taken cognizance of the incident and the matter will be thoroughly probed,” Narendra Agarwal told the outlet. The patient is reportedly in critical condition.

Source: Declared dead by UP hospital, man wakes up just ahead of burial | india news | Hindustan Times

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