Uber Driver Pulls Out Sex Toy on Police Who Feared it Was A Gun

A Connecticut Uber driver was tackled to the ground by police who believed he was reaching for a gun that ended up being a sex toy, authorities said.

Eliot Buenano-Andrade, 48, was allegedly caught masturbating in his white BMW sedan, which was pulled over with foggy windows in Monroe on Tuesday, according to the Connecticut Post.

He had an open case of beer on the passenger side. When told to get out of the car, Buenano-Andrade started reaching into his pants and officers, fearing he was going to pull out a gun, wrestled him to the ground, the report said.

Buenano-Andrade instead yelled that it was a sex toy and pulled one out of his underwear. The driver was charged with interfering with police and driving under the influence.

Source: Monroe cops say Uber driver took unusual work break – Connecticut Post

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