New Mexico Mother Accused Of Abusing Children, Boiling Pets To Death

A New Mexico woman is accused of beating and torturing some of her children and forcing them to watch her kill their pets as punishment, authorities said.

Martha Crouch and her husband, Timothy were arrested on Monday following a child abuse investigation by The New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department after a report that the couple’s children were not receiving an adequate education, according to KOB-TV.

A young girl told authorities that after one of the family dogs had puppies, Martha Crouch “took the puppies and put them into a giant pot and boiled them, making all the kids watch.” The same girl told investigators her mother also fed a kitten poison and the body of a dog buried in the backyard was found that had been shot as a punishment to the children.

A young boy told authorities that he was “beaten, shot, stabbed and run over by his parents”. The boy further claimed to have BBs still inside his arm “from when the mother shot him with a shotgun.”

Martha Crouch has been charged with child abuse and extreme cruelty to animals. Timothy Crouch is facing an obstruction charge.

Source: Parents accused of child abuse, killing pets as punishment | KOB 4

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