Iran Says to Expect Something ‘Stronger’ if Borders Violated Again

Iran has told the Trump administration that any further violation of its borders will result in a “stronger” retaliation than the drone shooting.

The U.S. denies the drone crossed into Iran’s airspace. Parliamentary Speaker Ali Larijani suggested the drone strike was a good learning process for the U.S. to make it think twice about antagonizing Iran. “The downing of their drone was a good experience for them to avoid any aggression against our borders,” Larijani said. “Iran’s reaction will be stronger if they repeat their mistake of violating our borders.”

Iran and the U.S. disagree on where the drone was when it was shot down. Iran thinks it was in their airspace, but the U.S. says it was international airspace when the attack was ordered.

Source: Iran warns US against ‘repeating mistake’ of violating borders | USA News | Al Jazeera

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