Washington Man Hospitalized After Tripping and Shooting Himself While Being Chased by a Bear

A man in Baring, Washington, is in the hospital after he reportedly tripped and shot himself while running from a bear.

Richard Hibbs has been inside of a hospital in Seattle for several weeks, undergoing several surgeries to his leg, after he shot himself during a bear encounter. The man says that he was being chased by the bear after going outside to pick up firewood, when he tripped and the rifle went off, hitting him in the leg and sending lead shrapnel into his forehead.

Police say that they have launched an investigation into the incident, as they believe Hibbs had been chasing the bear and was not chased by the animal. Hibbs has denied their claims, stating, “Who in their right mind chases a black bear.”

Source: Baring man accidentally shot, recovering after reported bear encounter | KIRO-TV

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