New York Woman Who Went by the Alias “Umm Nutella” Accused of Providing Support to ISIS

A New York woman who went by the name “Umm Nutella” is facing a lengthy prison sentence after being accused of providing support for ISIS.

Sinmyah Amera Ceasar, 24, could be sentenced to up to life behind bars when a federal court judge decides her sentence either later today or on Wednesday. She is accused of using her alias to work as a recruiter for ISIS, connecting supporters in the U.S. to those elsewhere in the world.

Caesar was originally arrested in 2016 while trying to leave the country via JFK International Airport. The woman reportedly pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with the government in February 2017, however violated her release deal after she immediately went back to communicating with ISIS and Taliban supporters.

Source: N.Y. woman who called herself ‘Umm Nutella’ faces prison for helping ISIS

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