Sleeping Passenger Left Alone Onboard Commercial Flight for Hours After Landing

A Canadian woman says that she was left onboard an Air Canada flight alone for hours after the plane landed.

The woman says that she was asleep during the landing, only to wake up hours later and find a pitch-black and empty plane in Toronto. She texted a friend of hers, who tried to get her in touch with airport officials, but the woman’s phone died. At one point, the woman was able to get into the cockpit and find a flash light and tried to signal for help from grounds crews.

Eventually, a man driving a luggage cart spotted her through the aircraft’s main door, which she had managed to get open. He helped her down and reach the airport. Air Canada has confirmed the incident and says they are working with the passenger.

Source: Sleeping passenger onboard Air Canada flight left alone on plane for hours after landing | TheHill

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