Honeymooner Becomes the 10th U.S. Tourist to Die After Visiting The Dominican Republic

A Louisiana woman who was visiting the Dominican Republic on her honeymoon has reportedly died, becoming the 10th U.S. tourist to die after visiting the country.

Susan Simoneaux and her husband, Keith Williams, who had been together 10 years, traveled to the D.R. shortly after their wedding. However, less than a week after returning from the trip, the woman was rushed to the hospital after her lungs began filling with fluid. She then died a few days later.

Her husband says that they were not aware of the other deaths that had occurred in the island nation, saying that they would not have gone if they were aware of the dangers. Investigations are ongoing.

Source: Woman on honeymoon becomes 10th US tourist to die after Dominican Republic vacation | FOX6Now.com

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