Officials Recover the Body of Magician Who Died Attempting  Underwater Escape Stunt

Police in India say that they have recovered the body of a magician who apparently died following a failed underwater escape stunt.

Chanchal Lahiri, 40, better known by his stage name “Jadugar Mandrake”, or “Wizard Mandrake,” was undertaking an escape stunt near the Howrah Bridge in Kolkata. He was chained together with steel chains and rope, then lowered into the water. He was supposed to reemerge from the water shortly after, but concern escalated until a search was launched 30 minutes after the stunt began.

Before being lowered into the water, AFP reported that Lahiri told the crowd: “If I can open it up then it will be magic, but if I can’t it will be tragic.” His body has been identified by his brother.

Source: Indian magician’s body recovered following failed escape stunt – CNN

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