Jury Delivers Verdict For Cop Who Shot at Autistic Man Holding a Toy Truck

A Miami police officer who shot at an autistic man who was holding a toy truck has been found guilty of a misdemeanor but acquitted of felony counts of attempted manslaughter.

Officer Jonathon Aledda admitted he mistook the shiny object for a weapon in the July 2016 shooting. He missed the autistic man but struck the man’s nearby therapist, who was lying on the ground.

Aledda’s misdemeanor count could see him go to jail for a year, but he may still be eligible to remain a police officer. “I believed it was a hostage situation,” Aledda testified. “It appeared he was screaming for mercy or for help or something. In my mind, the white male had a gun.”

The shooting of the therapist, an unarmed black man with his hands in the air, caused outrage and a video of the incident went viral at the time.

Source: Miami jury delivers split verdict for cop who shot at autistic man | Miami Herald

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