Kentucky Man Facing DUI After His Horse-Drawn Carriage Sideswipes a Car

A Kentucky man is facing DUI charges after the horse-drawn carriage he was operating sideswiped a passing car.

34-year-old Rueben Andy Yoder reportedly sideswiped a car with the carriage he was driving with his wife and seven children inside. No injuries were reported in the incident, but the car did sustain some damage to its side.

Yoder had reportedly initially told police that his child was operating the carriage, but that child then identified him as the driver. A sobriety field test was administered, which he failed. Yoder faces multiple felony charges, including driving a non-motorized vehicle while under the influence, nine counts of first-degree wanton endangerment and one count of first-degree criminal mischief.

Source: Man faces DUI charges after his horse-drawn carriage sideswipes passing car – Story | KRIV

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