BREAKING: Maggots Found On Patient Receiving Treatment at Arizona HealthCare Facility Where Nurse was Accused of Raping Paralyzed Patient; Health Officials Investigating

Arizona health officials are investigating after maggots were reportedly found inside a patient at Hacienda HealthCare in Phoenix.

A probe on patient safety at the facility has been launched after maggots were discovered Wednesday around a surgical opening called a stoma in the patient’s throat. A stoma is an opening for a tracheostomy tube. The patient was taken to a hospital before being returned to Hacienda the same day.

The maggots were reportedly found inside the bandages and near the incision but did not enter the trachea. However, more of the insects were discovered on Thursday, prompting a return to the hospital. The patient has not returned to Hacienda since.

Hacienda HealthCare is the same healthcare provider where an investigation was launched after a nurse was accused of raping a paralyzed and mentally disabled patient. The patient gave birth in December, without anyone on the staff knowing she was pregnant.

Source: Maggots found on Hacienda HealthCare patient, Arizona agencies open probe | Hacienda Healthcare Investigation |

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