U.S. Marine Veteran Shot and Killed After Trying to Apologize for Cutting Off Another Driver in South Florida

Police in South Florida say that a Marine veteran was shot and killed when he tried to get out and apologize to another driver for cutting them off.

41-year-old retired U.S. Marine Keith Byrne was driving his work truck in Davie when he accidentally cut off a BMW before a red light. The former Marine was on the phone at the time and told his friend that he was talking to that he was going to get out and quickly apologize to the other driver.

He reportedly rolled down his window to turn back and apologize when a passenger in the BMW got out of the car and came up to Byrne, pointing a gun at him. The passenger, 22-year-old Andre Sinclair, shot him in the chest before Byrne fired back with his own weapon, striking Sinclair twice.

Byrne died at the scene, while Sinclair died at the hospital two days later. His family said he will be buried with full military honors at the South Florida National Cemetery in Lake Worth later this month.

Source: Veteran accidentally cuts off driver, gets shot and killed when he tries to apologize – Story | KRIV

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