Teen Accused of Throwing Baby at a Grocery Store, Attempting to Bend a Traffic Sign, and Then Running Naked Into Oncoming Traffic Blames Laced Marijuana

A teenagers in Edmond, Oklahoma, has blamed laced marijuana for why he threw a baby in a grocery store and then ran naked into oncoming traffic.

The 17-year-old reportedly picked up a car seat with a baby in it, throwing it onto the cement floor. The 1-year-old inside was luckily unharmed due to the car seat. He then reportedly attempted to bend a traffic sign in half before ripping off his clothes and “flipped people off” before running naked into oncoming traffic.

Officers responded to he erratic behavior and were chasing the teen down the street when he appeared to become exhausted and laid down on a driveway. He then fought with officers before finally being arrested.

Police believe that the marijuana he had used may have been laced with PCP or Acid. They are investigating to see if there is a more widespread problem of the laced marijuana being spread through the community.

Source: Teen blames laced marijuana after throwing baby at Edmond grocery store | KFOR.com

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