Federal Government Watchdog Calls for Kellyanne Conway to be Removed from Office in Report to President Trump

A federal government watchdog has called for Kellyanne Conway to be removed from her position for violating the Hatch Act.

The Hatch Act prohibits government employees from engaging in certain political activity. The Office of Special Counsel, an independent watchdog group that monitors for Hatch Act violations, recommended in their report to President Trump to remove Conway from office due to violations of the act.

The group says that Conway violated the law by saying disparaging things about Democratic presidential candidates in television interviews and on social media while acting in her official capacity as counselor to the president. The act provides exceptions to that rule for the president and vice president, but not for anyone working under them.

White House counsel Pat Cipollone responded to the agency’s report in an 11-page letter Thursday, calling it a ‚Äúdraconian and patently ridiculous recommendation that the President remove one of his closest advisers.” He also questioned the watchdog’s impartiality and demanded that the OSC withdraw its 17-page report until Conway has a reasonable time to respond to allegations. The OSC report, he said, cited over a dozen allegations spanning eight months and contained “numerous errors.”

Source: Government watchdog calls for Kellyanne Conway to be removed from office for violating the Hatch Act

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