BREAKING: Notre Dame Cathedral to Hold First Mass Since April Fire

The Notre Dame Cathedral will reportedly hold its first mass since a devastating fire ravaged the church.

The mass will take place Saturday evening, with only 20-30 people being allowed to attend due to safety concerns. The fire that tore into the cathedral destroyed the 13th century spire and much of the roof actually spared its iconic twin bell towers and three stained-glass windows.

“May all those who have mobilized since April 15 and all those who continue to work every day for Notre Dame, be they donors, architects, construction workers, political leaders, be warmly thanked for their efforts,” Paris Archbishop Michel Aupetit, who will lead the mass, said in a statement.

The Notre Dame Foundation has received $17.7 million worth of donations, and another $425 million has been pledged by donors since the fire.

Source: Notre Dame to hold first mass since fire | TheHill

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