Florida Man Swallows At Least 20 Rocks of Crack Cocaine Before Leading Police on Long Chase

A Florida man is accused of swallowing 20 rocks of crack cocaine before leading police on a chase from Miami to the Upper Keys.

Mark Edward Welch, a 50-year-old from Lake Worth, was involved in a hit and run crash on the mainland and attempted escape towards the Keys. He led police through much of the chase with flat tires, eventually making it to the upper portion of the Keys before hitting a concrete wall.

Welch then admitted to police that he had swallowed at least 20 rocks of crack, some of which were still stuck in his throat. He also told officers that there was a woman in the vehicle he was driving, but they were unable to find anyone.

Welch has been charged with DUI, eluding law enforcement and possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia.

Source: Florida Man Swallows 20 Rocks Of Crack, Leads Cops On Chase From Miami To Upper Keys – CBS Miami

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