Two Giraffes Killed After Being Struck by Lightning at Florida Wildlife Park

Two giraffes were reportedly killed at a Florida wildlife preserve after they were struck by lightning during a storm.

10-year-old female Lily and year-old male Jioni were killed last month during a storm. However, their exact cause of death was not released by the wildlife park’s pathologist until today. The facility is home to around 20 giraffes.

“Recent pathology results confirm that the giraffes did pass as a result of the lightning and that the manner of their passing was instantaneous,” the park said Tuesday in a statement.

“It’s like a billion-to-one chance this happened to us and our poor giraffes, but we are looking at anything we can to improve upon” in regards to their wildlife’s safety, a park spokesperson said.

Source: Two giraffes killed by ‘billion-to-one’ lightning strike at Florida wildlife park

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