Texas Passes Bill Legalizing Lemonade Stands

Texas Governor Abbott has signed a bill into law that disallows police from shutting down a lemonade stand.

Abbott signed the law Monday evening, calling it a “common-sense law,” celebrating the signing with a glass of lemonade. The bill was introduced by state Rep. Matt Krause, a Fort Worth Republican.

House Bill 234 legalized the sale of lemonade and other nonalcoholic drink stands run by minors on private property. He had been inspired by a 2015 case in Eastern Texas, when a stand was shut down by police because the children did not have a permit. They had been selling the drinks to raise money to take their father to an amusement park for Father’s Day.

Source: You can’t shut a lemonade stand down in Texas. It’s the law – CNNPolitics

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