BREAKING: Suspect to be Charged in the Shooting of Boston Red Sox Legend David Ortiz


OA suspect in the shooting of Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz has been charged with accomplice to attempted murder.

The mother of Eddy Vladimir Félix García has maintained that her son is innocent in the shooting. She says that García grew up idolizing Ortiz and other prominent Dominican players, adding that her son unwittingly gave the actual shooter a ride on his motorcycle that he uses as a taxi service.

Nevertheless, prosecutors stated that they will be charging García with being an accomplice to attempted murder for his role in the shooting of the popular former baseball star. He had been hospitalized since the shooting after he was beaten by onlookers to the crime as he attempted to leave the scene.

Ortiz took his first steps Tuesday since undergoing surgery for injuries to his abdomen. He is expected to remain at the hospital for the next few days.

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