Alabama Approves Chemical Castration

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has signed into law legislation that would require certain sex offenders to be chemically castrated before their parole. The bill will take effect later this year.

The law applies to sex offenders convicted of certain crimes involving children younger than 13. The bill applies to those who commit their crimes after September 1, 2019.

Chemical castration involves the injection of medication that blocks testosterone production. Under the measure, certain offenders must receive the medication before they are paroled from prison. A judge would decide when the medication could be stopped.

Some legal groups have raised concerns about the use of forced medication. Randall Marshall, the head of the ACLU of Alabama, said chemical castration could violate the U.S. Constitution. “It could be cruel and unusual punishment.”

ource: Alabama chemical castration bill signed by Gov. Kay Ivey – The Washington Post

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