Body Returned With Missing Organs After Man Dies in Prison

The family of an Army veteran is looking for answers from Pennsylvania authorities more than a year after he mysteriously died inside a local jail and had his organs removed but never returned.

Everett Palmer Jr, 41, had traveled from his home in Delaware to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, on April 7, 2018, to fix an outstanding warrant for a DUI charge. Palmer died two days later at the York County Prison.

Palmer reportedly died after “becoming agitated” and hitting his head against the inside of his cell door.

The family still does not know what occurred leading up to Palmer’s death. When his family received the body, it was badly bruised and his brain, heart, and throat had been removed.

The family hired an independent pathologist, who first noticed the missing organs, and said the manner of death should be considered a homicide. The Pennsylvania State Police has said that is investigating with the York County district attorney.

Source: After man died in prison, body was returned without vital organs – SFGate

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