Man Previously Charged with Having Sex with a Cat now Facing Charges of Luring a Minor for Sex

A man in Mesa, Arizona, has been accused of attempting to lure a minor for sex.

Michael Navage, 40, allegedly contacted a 14-year-old girl online for the express purpose of having sex with her. The 14-year-old in question turned out to be an undercover detective who had set up the profile to try and catch predators. The man reportedly arranged to meet with the officer after sending an unsolicited picture of his genitalia.

Navage arrived to the meet-up with his ankle monitor still on from his release related to charges of bestiality earlier in the year, when he reportedly had sexual relations with a cat. He was taken into custody and held without bond.

Source: Man accused of sex with cat now faces charges of luring a minor for sex in Mesa | Arizona News |

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