Longtime New Jersey Minister Accused of Using Oral Sex in Exorcism Rituals

A longtime Presbyterian minister in Linden, New Jersey, has been accused by several men of using oral sex in his exorcism rituals.

The rituals, which date to 1999, were allegedly performed by the Rev. Dr. William Weaver, a prominent Presbyterian minister who served as pastor at Linden Presbyterian Church for 39 years. He has also served in several other public roles, such as chaplain for county police.

Weaver has been accused by several men, who say that the Reverend would perform oral sex on them during the rituals to cleanse the men of evil energy that he called “hits.” He would then tell them that if the “hits” were left inside of them, they would cause infertility and erectile dysfunction. The men seeking counseling were also told to not mention the occurrences because “nobody would understand.”

Weaver, 69, was scheduled to face his three accusers during an internal church trial, but on Jan. 25, 2019, one day before the trial was to begin, he renounced the jurisdiction of the Elizabeth Presbytery.

Source: Longtime Linden minister used oral sex in exorcism ritual, men claim

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