Fox News Host Calls the Metric System “Inelegant” and “Creepy,” Likening it to “Global Tyranny”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson, on his show Tucker Carlson Tonight, likened the metric system to “global tyranny” during a segment on the system of measurements.

Carlson, speaking to “New Criterion” editor James Panero, discussed the metric system and how the U.S. should resist it. Panero argues that the metric system is “the original system of global revolution and new world orders,” basing his argument mainly on the French Revolution, as well as the historical roots of the system. Carlson concurred with Panero, calling the metric system “creepy” and “inelegant” while also calling it the “yoke of tyranny.”

“Well, that’s right, because it’s assumed to be progressive, it’s assumed that everyone has gotten behind it. Let me take you back to a bit of history, 1793, the height of the French Revolution, the height of the French terror, the chopine, pouce, pied du roi — that’s the foot of the king, the measurement of France replaced it with the meter.”

“It is totally made up and here is something else, even worse than overturning custom has been the meters in position of 10. It’s a 10-size fits all mentality,” Panero said.

Source: Can the US continue to stand alone against the metric system? | Fox News

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