Acting ICE Director Claims Migrants are “Renting Babies” to Get Across Border

The acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) says that migrants coming across the United States-Mexico border from Central America are “renting babies” in order to make it easier, according to The Hill.

Senator Chuck Grassley told reporters that acting Director Mark Morgan made the claims during a lunch briefing.

“I can’t believe that this actually happens but that people down there in Central America or Mexico are renting babies to get across the border and then sending them back and renting them again to get across the border,” Grassley said, apparently relaying the information he learned from Morgan. “The public doesn’t know about it. I hope you guys will help advertise that, assuming the information that I heard yesterday was accurate because that’s a humanitarian crisis that we have to be concerned about.”

In an interview with the Epoch Times in April, Morgan said, about migrants, “they know now, you grab a kid, you’re in.”

Grassley told reporters that he hasn’t seen an evidence from the Department of Homeland Security that Morgan’s claims are true but “indicated that he believed it’s happening.

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