Virginia Beach Gunman Resigned Hours Before Mass Shooting, Officials Say

De­Wayne Craddock submitted a letter of resignation from his job as an engineer for the city of Virginia Beach on Friday morning, hours before killing twelve people at the government building where he worked, officials said Sunday.

“He notified his chain of command that morning,” City Manager Dave Hansen said at a press conference. “My understanding is he did that via email.”

Officials did not elaborate on the substance of the email message, and Hansen added they are “determining where that letter is.”

Craddock, 40, had not been fired and was not in danger of being fired, Hansen said. His performance was considered “satisfactory,” he was “in good standing in his department” and “there were no issues of discipline ongoing.”

Police Chief James A. Cervera cautioned that Craddock’s motivations remain under investigation and said police are looking into his professional and personal life. “We do not have anything glaring,” Cervera said.

Source: Virginia Beach attacker notified boss of plans to quit job hours before the shooting – Los Angeles Times

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