Houston School Bus Driver Charged With DWI Blames it on Bad Doughnut

A Houston school bus driver who authorities say drove drunk with children on board blamed her bad driving on an upset stomach caused by a doughnut.

Linda Sue Godejohn, 55, was charged with driving while intoxicated after police say she failed a field sobriety test “miserably” when they pulled her over in Spring, Texas, on Thursday afternoon.

Godejohn posted a $100 bond and was released from the Harris County Jail on Friday morning. Witnesses said they noticed the bus moving erratically and called 911. One person said the bus swerved onto the left shoulder of a road, hitting a divider before veering back.

“My stomach was just hurting so bad that a wheel fell off the thing, the curb,” Godejohn said. “That’s all it was, and going 45 mph, it’s going to whip back,” Godejohn said. When asked about the field sobriety test she failed, Godejohn said, “Because it’s hard, I mean I couldn’t even do it right now.”

Source: School bus driver blames bad doughnut for DWI accusations

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