NBA Legend Names 5-Year-Old in Property Damage Lawsuit

NBA legend Scottie Pippen reportedly named a 5-year-old in a lawsuit against the child’s parents for damage to his Florida home.

The lawsuit was originally filed in 2018 against Lindsay Glazer and her husband Jacob Woloshin seeking more than $109,000. However, the lawsuit was recently changed to include their 5-year-old child. Pippen has accused the couple of being a “failure as parents” for allowing the girl to “deface certain elements of the property with markers, crayons, and/or cause damage of similar nature.”

The couple had rented the home after Hurricane Irma destroyed their home in 2017. The suit alleges that cabinets and drawers were destroyed and animals were allowed to urinate freely in the house.

Source: Scottie Pippen names 5-year-old in lawsuit over damage to Florida house | Fox News

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