BREAKING: Sheriff Says Governor Should “Step Down … Or Be Arrested”

Spokane County, Washington, Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich says that Washington Governor Jay Inslee should step down or be arrested following his signing of a sanctuary law in the state, according to Fox News.

Fox News host Harris Faulkner asked Knezovich, “You’re saying [Inslee] is committing a crime, basically.”

“I am.He took the same oath that I did to uphold the constitution of the United States and the laws thereof,” the sheriff responded, continuing, “If you don’t want to enforce your own laws, then either step down or be held in contempt of Congress or be arrested for obstruction – but do not impede or badmouth your ICE agents for doing their job.”

According to Fox News, the sheriff “told Faulkner he does not plan to follow the law Inslee signed because he “has a responsibility to make sure that criminals are taken off the streets of my county — regardless of their immigration status.”’

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