BREAKING: Fatalities Reported in Oklahoma Tornado

A tornado that hit El Reno, Oklahoma, on Saturday night caused “extensive damage,” according to authorities. KOCO-TV reports that at least two people have died.

The tornado struck the area and debris was reportedly falling from the sky “along a stretch of Interstate 40 near El Reno,” according to Accuweather.

A search-and-rescue operation was underway early Sunday morning and there are believed to be multiple fatalities and people missing.

KFOR-TV is reporting that over a dozen people may be missing. A motel was reportedly severely damaged.

The Police Chief of Union City, Oklahoma, says “very dangerous situation tonight in El Reno. Severe damage with serious injuries and fatalities involved.”

Thirty-four people were reportedly at the hotel at the time of the tornado. Authorities are working to rescue those individuals, according to KFOR-TV.


Other tornado warnings and tornadoes, including one near Tulsa, Oklahoma, have been reported.

The South Tulsa tornado has had debris associated with it, according to meteorologists. Tree damage has been reported by witnesses.

The tornado has had several power flashes associated with it.

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