Army Vet Indicted in “Mass Casualties” Terror Plot Directed at Long Beach, California 

A U.S. Army veteran has been indicted for planning a “mass casualties” terror plot in Long Beach, California.

Mark Steven Domingo, a Reseda resident and 26-year-old former infantryman who served four months in Afghanistan, was indicted Wednesday by a grand jury. He is accused of plotting an attack at an expected white supremacist rally on April 26th for “retribution” for the New Zealand mosque shootings.

Domingo had reportedly planned to set a trap and bomb the event, using nails as shrapnel to inflict more damage. He has been charged with providing material support to terrorists and attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, prosecutors said.

Source: U.S. Army Vet Indicted in Long Beach Terror Plot That Was Intended to Inflict ‘Mass Casualties’ | KTLA

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