Parents Forget Newborn Baby in Taxi

A couple forgot to take their newborn baby from a taxi they used to bring their newborn home from the hospital for the first time.

The German couple was returning from the hospital with their newborn and one-year-old. After pulling up outside their Hamburg, Germany, home, the couple left the car with just their oldest child, leaving their sleeping baby in the back seat.

Hamburg Police said in a Facebook post the couple paid the driver and left before realizing their mistake. The father reportedly chased after the cab, but it was too late.

The driver then continued to pick up fares, with the baby sleeping in the back of his vehicle. A new passenger alerted the driver to the baby. The driver called the ​police and the unharmed baby was reunited with its​ parents.

Source: Parents forget newborn baby in taxi when returning home from hospital – Story | WTTG

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