Man to Avoid Jail Time After Going on Naked Rampage and Threatening to Sexually Assault a Dog 

A man in the U.K. has been spared jail time after he went on a naked rampage, threatening to sexually assault a dog.

Lewis Butterfield claimed his drink had been spiked with ecstasy when he was seen running about without any clothes on and behaving aggressively in Swindon, England. Then, when the neighbor’s dog chased him, he threatened to sexually assault the animal.

However, seeing as he has reduced his alcohol consumption, had a job, and is doing well on probation a judge decided to not give Butterfield any jail time. Judge Jason Taylor QC extended the previous 16 week suspended sentence by six months and added eight weeks to it and told him to do 100 hours of unpaid work.

Source: Haydon Wick naked rampage man avoids jail | Swindon Advertiser

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