Wanted Man Arrested After Revealing His Location to Media on Facebook; “News Flash Morons, I’m in Edmonton”

A Canadian man has been arrested after he revealed his location to the media via a Facebook message.

Jessie Dean Kowalchuk has been transported to face a judge for three charges of breach of probation stemming from three separate files in 2015. He had been on the run from police and a picture of him was being circulated by media outlets in Kamloops when he decided to help them out with his location.

Kowalchuk messaged one of the outlets on Facebook, telling them, “News flash morons: I’m in Edmonton and not coming back.” The warrant for his arrest was extended and he was found in Edmonton and arrested.

Source: ‘News flash morons, I’m in Edmonton’: Wanted B.C. man arrested after revealing location to media | CBC News

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