Over 110 Iron Nails Removed from 42-Year-Old Man’s Stomach; Says He Doesn’t Know How They Got There

Doctors say that they removed 116 iron nails and some wire from a man’s stomach who was complaining of pains.

The man, from Rajasthan, India, had come to the hospital complaining of stomach pains. Upon conducting an X-ray, doctors were shocked to see dozens of nails inside of his stomach. They immediately sent him to surgery, which took around an hour and a half to fully remove all of the pieces of metal.

The patient is now stable and recovering. However, he has been unable to provide an explanation to doctors as to how the nails got into his stomach. In July of 2017, at least 150 needles and nails were also removed from the body of a Bundi resident at a Faridabad hospital.

Source: 116 iron nails, wire removed from man’s stomach in Rajasthan

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