Man Accused of “Waterboarding” His 7-Year-Old Daughter

A Washington state man is accused of “waterboarding” and repeatedly striking his 7-year-old daughter, authorities said.

Officers responded to a 7-Eleven in Lakewood on Sunday after a woman reported that her boyfriend, Matthew Farrar, 27, was abusing his daughter in the house that they shared.

The girl, identified as C.F., told police that Farrar “grabbed his belt and violently spanked” her approximately 13 times for lying and talking back.

Farrar then allegedly dragged his daughter into the bathroom, “grabbed a red colored wash towel and wetted it with water.” He filled a plastic bottle with water, took C.F. and bent her over the bathtub, leaning her face up, and he held the water-soaked rag over her face, according to police records.

His girlfriend said she could hear the girl gagging, crying, and gasping for air while yelling, “I can’t breathe,” according to the documents. “That’s the point, shut up before the neighbors hear,” he allegedly said.

Source: Pierce County man accused of waterboarding daughter, 7 | Tacoma News Tribune

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