BREAKING: Accused California Synagogue Shooter Pleads Not Guilty to 109 Federal Charges

John Earnest, the man accused of opening fire at a California synagogue, has pleaded not guilty to 109 federal charges.

The 109 federal hate-crime charges were brought alongside state charges for murder, attempted murder, and arson. The federal charges,  54 relating to obstruction of free exercise of religious beliefs and 54 hate crime violations, were filed on behalf of each of the worshippers present at the Chabad of Poway on April 27th when the gunfire erupted. One person was killed, while several others were injured.

Earnest reportedly called 911 from his Honda Civic moments after the shooting, saying: “I just shot up a synagogue. I’m just trying to defend my nation from the Jewish people. … They’re destroying our people. … I opened fire at a synagogue. I think I killed some people,” the complaint says.

Source: Alleged synagogue shooter pleads not guilty to 109 federal charges – The San Diego Union-Tribune

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