Body of Woman Missing Nearly 6 Years Discovered Inside Freezer in Hollywood, Florida

The body of a 30-year-old woman who went missing nearly six years ago has been discovered inside a freezer in Hollywood, Florida.

The body was found by 55-year-old Lilian Argueta, who said she saw it while opening a used freezer at her scrap business. She began to scream, which prompted fellow business owners in the area, as well as some of her workers, to come to her aid.

The group contacted police, who later confirmed that the body was Heather Anne Lacey, who went missing nearly six years ago. The body was reportedly found partially mummified and appeared to have been attempting to push the door open. It is unclear what caused her death.

Source: Old freezer in warehouse reveals terrifying secret: Body of woman missing nearly 6 years – Orlando Sentinel

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