BREAKING: Mother Convicted of Murder in Tucson, Arizona, Child Starvation Case

A mother in Tucson, Arizona, has been convicted of first-degree murder in her years long child starvation case.

The skeletal remains of Raquel Barreras’ 3-year-old son, Roman, was found by a landlord back in 2014. They were found inside of a toy chest a the home they had lived in before Barreras moved out. Her and her husband were later taken into custody on multiple felony charges.

The siblings of the 3-year-old told police that Roman was starved to death, according to court documents. The autopsy report also revealed that starvation and neglect were listed as causes of death, but the time of death could not be determined.

Source: Tucson mother convicted for first-degree murder in child starvation case |

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