Apple Airpod Still Works After Man Swallows It

A Taiwanese woke up after falling asleep with one of his AirPods missing. Using Find My iPhone to track it down, he started hearing a beeping sound and realized the AirPod was in his stomach.

It’s not clear how Ben Hsu managed to swallow the AirPod, but he quickly went to the hospital. X-rays showed that the AirPod was working its way through his digestive system. If it didn’t work its way out naturally, he would need surgery. Doctors sent him home with laxatives,

The next day while going to the bathroom at a train station he found the missing AirPod still working. The AirPod’s protective plastic coating saved him from seriously rupturing his intestine, according to the emergency room doctor that treated him.

Source: Man swallows Apple AirPod; it works after passing through his system – Khaleej Times

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