Massachusetts Teen Allegedly Beheaded Classmate in Jealous Rage

A Massachusetts teenager stabbed his classmate, beheaded him and cut off his hands in a jealous rage, according to a prosecutor in the opening arguments of the victim’s murder trial.

The prosecutor, Jay Gubitose, said on Monday that Mathew Borges became enraged in 2016 when he saw his girlfriend sitting with Lee Manuel Viloria-Paulino in the cafeteria of Lawrence High School.

Surveillance video at the home of a neighbor of Viloria-Paulino showed the victim and Borges leaving together and walking toward a river, the prosecutor told the jury. Borges’ attorney, Edward Hayden, said that his he and his friends burglarized Viloria-Paulino’s home, but that Borges did not commit murder.

Source: Lawrence teen beheaded schoolmate out of jealousy, DA says – Boston Herald

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