Officials Warning People to Stop Sightseeing and Taking Selfies Inside Severe Flood Zones

Officials in Montreal, Canada, are warning people to stop sightseeing and snapping selfies in flood zones in the area.

Most of the dikes, which are under extreme pressure, were hastily built as a temporary way to hold back the spring floods in the area. However, with people climbing on top of them in attempts to get pictures, more pressure is added, which could cause any number of the dikes to rupture, putting the population at a significant risk.

They also added that people driving around the flooded areas to sightsee has disrupted and delayed emergency crews for days. About 100 people have been forced out of their homes and more than 2,000 residences have been inspected already in the most vulnerable zones.

Source: Stop sightseeing, snapping selfies in flood zones, Montreal fire department pleads | CBC News

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