Police Asking People to Return Money After $30K Spills on Road

Police said a box with $30,000 fell off the back of a truck that was driving down U.S. 31 in Grand Haven, Michigan, Thursday. Drivers on the road stopped to pick up what bills they could and traffic began backing up, the Associated Press reported.

The truck driver had forgotten that the money was still on his bumper when he took off. Only $2,500 was immediately returned. By Saturday, more money came in as a pair of teenagers turned in $630 and a woman gave back nearly $3,900. “Thank you and way to go! We commend you for your honesty!!” the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety wrote on Facebook. “The owner of the money will be grateful.”

Police are still hoping for the remaining cash to show up. The department is imploring people to surrender any money they may have acquired on the road.

Source: Finders keepers? Police say no way after $30K spills on road | Miami Herald

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