McDonald’s Apologizes After Toddler Found Sucking on Condom in Restaurant

McDonald’s has apologized after a two-year-old child found a used condom in the main dining area of one of its franchises south of Perth, Australia, and “sucked on it”.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said that she visited the fast-food restaurant in with her husband and daughter on Friday night. She told a local newspaper that she was ordering their food at the counter when her daughter found the condom and put it in her mouth. She said she believed her daughter would have found it on a chair. After leaving the restaurant and contacting their local doctor, the family was told to return to the restaurant, get the condom and bring it to the hospital for testing “What if there is an STD there and my daughter is going to get it? We have to wait two months to do a blood test on her,” she said. “We are very sorry that the incident occurred, and take situations like this seriously,” McDonald’s said.

Source: Parents Horrified After 2-Year-Old Sucked On Condom Fou… | 10 daily


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