Florida Man Impersonating as a Cop Arrested after Attempting to Pull Over Unmarked Police Car

A man in Plant City, Florida, has been arrested after he reportedly pulled over a police officer while trying to impersonate one.

Matthew J. Erris, 26, was traveling on a highway when he decided to turn on his red and blue lights on the front of high SUV, appearing to try and pull over the car in front of him. When the car did not pull over, Erris turned off the lights and moved to pass the car, who was, in fact, a police officer driving an unmarked patrol car.

The officer contacted dispatch, who deployed a marked officer to come and pull over the false cop. Erris was arrested and charged with impersonation of a public officer.

Source: He’s not a cop, but he unknowingly tried to pull over one in Plant City, deputies say

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