BREAKING: Dozens of Possible Graves Found Near Notorious Florida Reform School

At least 27 possible graves have been found near a notorious Florida reform school in Marianna.

Workers in the area were preparing to cleanup a fuel storage site near the school when they found the grim discovery. A company hired to evaluate underground storage tanks adjacent to the Dozier School for Boys performed a series of ground-penetrating radar tests on a parcel a little less than 500 feet from the former facility. From these, they found at least 27 anomalies that they believe to be the graves.

The Dozier School for Boys was originally established in 1897 as being a “progressive” alternative to reform schools of the time, however it quickly became better known for cruelty and child abuse. These additional 27 graves, if confirmed, would make 82 total found in association to the school.

Source: 27 possible graves found near notorious Fla. reform school | Miami Herald

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