Louisiana Couple Surprised by Baby After Going to Hospital for “Kidney Stones”

A Louisiana couple were shocked when Grace Mawn was told she was in active labor during a hospital visit for “kidney stones.”

Mawn said she was on birth control and that she hadn’t missed any periods or experienced any typical pregnancy symptoms in the months prior to arriving at the hospital for the stones. But on March 26, at 3:03 a.m., she gave birth to Micaela Grace.

Bryson Mawn, who is in the Air Force and is stationed at Barksdale Air Force Base, said he was in shock when he heard his daughter’s first cry. The Mawns say that Grace never experienced any pregnancy symptoms prior to the labor, and had never felt the baby move while inside of her. They also say that she was on birth control, as they were not planning on having a child.

Source: Couple shocked by surprise baby after going to hospital for ‘kidney stones’ | Fox News

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