Florida Man Arrested, Accused to Threatening Mass Shooting at Raytheon Facility

A man in Pinellas County, Florida, has been arrested after he reportedly threatened a mass shooting at a Raytheon facility.

Dorian Golej, 31, was charged with threatening communications or threats of mass shooting after he emailed threats to his former coworkers. Golej had been fired from the Raytheon facility in March. The company reported these threats to authorities, who then arrested him.

Officials also responded to the facility to make sure that there were no potential physical threats as well. After confronting Golej, deputies say that he made the following comments:

“I feel like killing him,” Golej reportedly said about his employment attorney. “I would have slaughtered that place, turn it into a bloodbath.”

Source: Deputies: Former Raytheon Employee Threatened Mass Shooting

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