BREAKING: Elizabeth Warren Releases Her 2018 Tax Returns

Sen. Elizabeth Warren released her 2018 tax return on Wednesday. Warren’s return shows that she and her husband, Bruce Mann, earned more than $900,000 in income last year, including $176,280 from her Senate salary and $324,687 from her books. The couple paid a total of $230,965 in taxes. In August, the Massachusetts Democrat made public 10 years of tax returns.

A handful of other 2020 hopefuls have released tax documents in recent weeks, including Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand and Amy Klobuchar.
Warren’s return shows her income is higher than some of her opponents. Gillibrand reported a family income of about $218,000 last year, while Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and his wife earned just under $203,000.

Source: Document: Elizabeth Warren’s 2018 tax return – The Boston Globe

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